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How to Keep Your Feet Soft

1. Soak your feet at least once a week in warm soapy water for at least seven minutes. Add baby oil and sea salt for better cleansing effect. While washing, pay extra attention to the spaces between your toes. It’s a sign of good hygiene. Make sure to remove dead skin smoothly all over your heels. After rinsing your feet, moisturize your ... Read More »

Five Major Hair Removal Mistakes

1. Not Exfoliating  Do you ever wonder why are there little hairs stuck under your skin? Here’s why… Leaving your skin in a dry condition will lead it to constant shedding and irritation, which results in tiny hair growing under your skin. When you exfoliate before waxing or shaving, your skin will be softer and at a better condition so it lets ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots Naturally

Looking in the mirror today morning, I witnessed one dark spot on my left cheek. Instead of freaking out, I decided to do a research and write more about this phenomena. Dark spots appear in the form of tiny or big brown patches that appear on areas that are mostly exposed to the sun. Surprisingly, your menstrual cycle, pregnancy period, stress and an ... Read More »

How to Treat Chapped Lips

Summer can make your lips go dry and flaky, and this can be due to several factors such as frequent exposure to the sun or lack of hydration. Besides applying lip-balm when you’re outdoors during the day and drinking loads of water (at least eight glasses per day), there are simple homemade remedies to help you treat chapped lips.1. Wet a ... Read More »

What Green Tea Can Do for Your Skin

Do you know what green tea can do for your skin? Actually, a cup of green tea can really help your skin’s health. You can enjoy drinking it and enjoy its benefits, or you can use beauty products that include green tea. Enter any spa nowadays and you will find at least one or two treatments that involve green tea. ... Read More »

Six Ways to Use Rosewater

Rosewater can be considered beauty’s magic elixir. The usage of rosewater goes way back to ancient Egypt, where Cleopatra used the natural product made of the distillate of rose petals in her beauty regime. As one of the beauty secrets of an iconic beautiful woman, the usage of rosewater is time-tested and praised by many, so here are six ways to use rosewater ... Read More »

Natural Ways to Make your Eyebrows Grow Faster

It’s true that thin eyebrows were once on trend, but to be honest they never looked that good. For some reason I thought they looked cheap and that’s coming from a person who unfortunately did that mistake as well. Now on the other hand thick eyebrows are very on demand these days, and here’s how to make your eyebrows grow faster and thicker with ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Blackheads Naturally

Treating a tiny little thing like blackheads might not be the easiest thing. But hey it’s okay! Blackheads are just normal pimples that if not treated well they might turn to a pain in the ass. Don’t we all daydream of a clear fresh skin? Here are some tips to combat blackheads. 1- Food When it comes to food, chili, salty ... Read More »

30 Benefits of Coconut Oil

There is a magical component that exists in the world, and the best thing about it, is that it’s a natural one! Yes, coconut oil does wonders and it’s certainly among my favorite things I use for my daily beauty routine. Note that there are two types of coconut oil, one you can use for beauty purposes and the other which you ... Read More »

All About Anti-aging Creams

Have you bumped into a TV ad that promotes an anti-aging cream recently? Wondering how they really work? To start with, anti-aging creams don’t really prevent wrinkles from showing up, they can just delay their appearance for sometime. I mean, you can never stop the clock! Here are some things you should know about anti-aging creams. When to start using them? Some ... Read More »