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Tips to Prevent Shiny Oily Skin

You know how you fix yourself up before you go out for the day. You fix up your hairdo, your outfit, and your makeup. Yet for some reason, you came back home at the end of the day and do not look like the person who left that morning. Your hair has disfigured, your clothes don’t look as ironed as ... Read More »

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is considered exceptionally beneficial for your skin! It’s also known as one of the oldest facial treatments ever! Tea tree oil has been also used as a medical and a healing remedy for decades. For that reason, I chose to feature this magnificent oil as it works for every woman! Tea tree oil is considered a bacteria ... Read More »

Skincare Tips for the Winter

With the changing of seasons, comes the changes in your skincare routine. Your skin has its own way of reacting to the changing of the seasons, and in the winter you are likely to face issues such as chapped lips, dry skin, weak nails, cracked cuticles etc… As the winter looms in, you need to amp up your skincare ritual, to ... Read More »

Five Skincare Myths You Should Know

1. Standing in the shade will not protect you from UV rays. Hiding away from the sun will never fully protect you, UV rays can easily come your way. The sun rays itself are mostly diffused, so the best way to fight UV rays is to always drink enough water and wear a nice hat. 2. Wrinkles have nothing to ... Read More »

How Often You Should Embrace Your Skincare Routine

We all have our very own skincare routine that works for our skin, correct? Also we all know the basic skincare routines that need to be applied everyday, for example washing your face before going to bed, applying lip balm etc… However, have you ever wondered about the correct frequency of your skincare routine. Have you ever thought about how ... Read More »

Five Tips for a Flawless Complexion

Here are a few tips to take into consideration to achieve a flawless complexion: 1. You are what you eat What you intake doesn’t just affect your health, it has a severe effect on your complexion. If you constantly go for junk and fried food, eventually that will affect your skin, often leading to break outs. Swap in your fried ... Read More »

Five Benefits of Almond Oil for Your Skin

Almond oil is known to have a prefect composition, that leaves your skin healthy and radiant. It is certainly one of the best natural skin care products I have ever known, as it helps with several skin problems. Almond oil has numerous benefits and any skin type can use it, so here are some its benefits… 1. Exfoliates Your Skin ... Read More »

Six Facts About Your Skin in the Winter

Did you know that: 1. You need to change your skincare products in the winter. Switch from a light weight moisturizer to something heavier. 2. You skin in the winter is not only dry, it can also be flaky. Don’t be alarmed to find the shocking white flakes appear on your legs and hands, it is from lack of moisture ... Read More »

Pros and Cons of Shaving Body Hair

Shaving can be a great solution to end the unwanted body hair dilemma for women. Razor shaving is considered one of the most classic and oldest ways to remove body hair. In order to fully combat body hair, check out the advantages and disadvantages of shaving. Pros:  1. Fast. Shaving is a great time saver. You can get rid of ... Read More »

The Different Types of Makeup Removers

1. Gentle Makeup Remover I like to think of them as magical potions, that can remove waterproof products which practically stick to your eyelids for as long as possible. I rate my makeup removers according to how much I rub my eye. The more I rub, the more my eyes would get red, which was a con for me. I ... Read More »