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Small Adjustments For a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Lack of Sleep A person should sleep approximately 8-10 hours per night. I know that 10 hours does seem impossible. By the time we are done with work and personal errands for the day, it’s usually around 9pm. With the awesome episodes that have been airing lately, we like to relax on the couch and watch something before we sleep. ... Read More »

5 Foods to Avoid Before Your Wedding Day

No bride wants to be bloated on her wedding day, so here are some foods you should not eat before your big day. Artificial Sweetener: Sugar alcohol found in diet sodas and sweeteners is hard to digest and leads to bloating. Junk Food:  Junk food will only slow your digestion down and leave you feeling bloated. Avoid them, especially the salty ones. ... Read More »

Six Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories

Summer is back and so is the attack of the munchies. You would think snacking between meals is your worst enemy, but it can actually help you maintain your healthy lifestyle and fit summer body, if you simply choose your snacks wisely. Sweet or salty, here are six healthy snacks under 200 calories: Salty: 1. 15 Chinese rice crackers are the best ... Read More »

Foods That Help with Headaches

1. Watermelon With the beginning of summer, comes the beginning of watermelon season. Sometimes headaches come due to lack of hydration. A nice plate of juicy watermelon should do the trick, and is filled with potassium and magnesium. You can also make yourself a watermelon smoothie. 2. Bananas  Another reason why headaches happen so often is low potassium. Therefore increase your ... Read More »

Five Ways to Boost Your Mood

1. Stay Away From TV  Do you want the secret for a good night’s sleep? Switch off TV 30 minutes before heading to bed. According to the U.S Sleep Foundation, activities like watching TV, playing video games and surfing the internet enhances alertness and makes you sleep less at night. Minimize your daily exposure of TV, internet and electronic devices ... Read More »

Four Foods to Avoid While Dieting

1. Pasta: Bye bye pasta! Being rich in carbohydrates and starch, pasta could be one of your worst enemies during dieting. Replace it with basmati rice or whole-grain pasta. 2. Fried Foods: Not only is fried food bad for your cholesterol levels, but also it contains fats that can lead to heart diseases. Control your appetite and stay away from ... Read More »

What to Eat for Beautiful Hair

1. Eggs: Eggs are packed with vitamins A, D and E that are necessary for youthful shiny hair. You can even make an egg hair mask as its fatty acids can totally moisturize your scalp. 2. Spinach: Green vegetables can massively boost hair growth. Vitamin C and iron present in spinach can refresh your scalp. Green leafy vegetables like broccoli ... Read More »

How to Watch Your Weight During Ramadan

It’s a common misconception that losing weight in Ramadan is impossible. The long fasting hours during summer might drive people to overeat but no, it’s never impossible to stay in shape during Ramadan. Here’s a list of things to consider to watch your weight during Ramadan. Exercise: Plan to exercise at home. Exercise after breaking your fast by two hours, and you ... Read More »

Five Foods to Give You Energy

1. Dates: Imagine this little thing can have all the vitamins your body can actually need? The tiny fruit can have more potassium and magnesium than an apple or a banana. Dates contain crucial amino acids that help in better digestion, that’s why it’s the best fruit to break your fast with during Ramadan. 2. Bananas: Bananas can be the perfect ... Read More »

The Benefits of an Early Morning Workout

Believe or not, it’s actually easier to plan a fitness schedule if you’re working out in the morning, this will help you commit to an exercise routine. That way you’ll be avoiding skipping your workout because you had a long day at work or have a commitment with friends or family in the evening. Starting your morning with an exercise ... Read More »