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Reasons You Should Start Drinking White Tea

Drinking tea is one of the daily habits in the lives of Arab women. So why not switch from the usual red or green tea and go for something new? Replace your usual morning sip with this healthy hot drink. Not only is white tea rich in its aroma, but also it has tremendous health and beauty benefits. Believe it or not, white ... Read More »

How to Motivate Yourself to Workout

1. Workout buddy. It is always encouraging to workout with a friend, especially if you are thinking of skipping a workout, chances are they will nag you not to. 2. Stress relief. While escaping from the real world by watching a movie is always fun, exercise is a great way to let out all that negative energy, and an even ... Read More »

How to Reward your Body

1. Drink a lot of water. Research says those who drink plenty of water lose up to 10 pounds more weight than those who do not. 2. Eat carbohydrates twice a week to maintain your energy but still lessen your fat percentage. 3. Increase your dosage of green tea and lemon water in order to exfoliate and detox your body from all bacteria and wastes. 4. Exercise three ... Read More »

Five Reasons Why You Should Drink Soy Milk

1. Soy milk is made of dried soy beans, which has less fat and carbs, hence it can help you lose weight. A cup of soy milk contains only 80 calories! 2. The amount of fat available in full fat soy milk is much lower than that of cow milk. Also the amount of fats available in soy milk are unsaturated (like ... Read More »

Six Reasons to Use an Exercise Ball

1. Maintains a proper posture. Try sitting on one at your work desk instead of the chair for a couple of hours every day. You should be sitting on the exercise ball with a straight back, and not slumped back one. This will help lower the pressure on your spinal cord, hence resulting in a better posture. 2. Increases balance. Exercising ... Read More »

10 Ways to Workout Without Hitting the Gym

1. Take the stairs instead of using the elevator. 2. Go to the supermarket instead of ordering it by phone. 3. Park far away and walk to your destination. 4. Play Wii instead of Playstation. 5. Wash your car yourself instead of going in for a car wash. 6. Don’t order takeout, cook an entire meal from scratch. 7. Carry your grocery ... Read More »

Why Bananas Are Good for You

1. Bananas make for a great pre-workout snack, giving you an extra kick of energy, and will raise your potassium level. 2. Bananas serve as great healthy snacks between meals, since they are filed with carbohydrates making you feel full. 3. Carrots is not the only food that is good for your eyes, bananas can help too. They contain vitamin A that ... Read More »

How to Restore Collagen in Your Skin Naturally

1. Water Water works like magic! Drinking 8 to 10 cups of water per day will nourish our skin and moisturize our body. Water contains certain formulas that are able to enhance the formation of fibers, which are full of collagen and can rejuvenate the cells of your skin. Water also has the ability to wash away your entire body from ... Read More »

Snacks to Eat Before Your Workout

1. First of all, you should know that carbs are a gym’s best friend, and fruits will give you that extra kick of energy. 2. If you are a runner, bananas are the best food to eat before you head out for a run. 3. Fruit juices or fruit smoothies serve as great snacks before your workout. However, be sure to ... Read More »

Seven Benefits of Jumping Rope Exercise

1. While doing the jumping rope exercise, your blood pressure and heart rate are at their best state. 2. The upper as well as your lower muscles will be perfectly toned if you maintain a weekly habit of the jumping rope exercise. 3. 10 minutes of jumping the rope can have the exact health advantages as a 45 minute run? (According ... Read More »