Five Tips to Fight Wrinkles Naturally

wrinkle 2

1. Always Wear Sunscreen!

Most of us love sun, don’t we? Yet to avoid the harmful effects of being subjected to the sun, make sure you don’t leave your house without wearing sunscreen. Not only will it prevent your skin from sagging but also it will act as a skin moisturizer. Opt for the sunscreen with the highest SPF number.

2. Beauty Sleep

Sleep makes you beautiful! And NO, I’m not exaggerating. According to a British study, sleep makes you look fresh and more attractive. When you sleep less, your body automatically produces some hormones that makes skin cells break down. Get from 6-8 hours of sleep everyday. Adequate sleep works like magic!

3. Watch your Intake of Food 

You may be unaware that junk and sugary food contributes to wrinkle formation! We’re very sorry to tell you have to stay away from your favorite Haagen Dazs (in excess amounts that is). Food like fruits, vegetables, salmon (fish in general), and avocado have the ability to make your skin literally glow. Protein and fatty acids in salmon helps in building the skin while Vitamins A and D that are present in fruits, vegetables and avocado will nourish your skin and make it look more youthful.

4. Quit Smoking Right Now!

Not only does smoking age the skin, but also it leaves the same effect on people around you! While smoking, some enzymes are produced that break collagen and fresh cells of your skin which causes wrinkles. If you’re not a smoker, try to avoid places that has too much smoke as well.

5. Exfoliate

Dead skin makes wrinkles show. When you exfoliate, you allow your skin to shed dead cells away and maintain even and bright skin. Massage your face with a natural home-made scrub at least once a week and you’ll notice the difference! Drink lots of water too, it will help regenerate and renew your skin.