Five Ways to Boost Your Mood


1. Stay Away From TV 

Do you want the secret for a good night’s sleep? Switch off TV 30 minutes before heading to bed. According to the U.S Sleep Foundation, activities like watching TV, playing video games and surfing the internet enhances alertness and makes you sleep less at night. Minimize your daily exposure of TV, internet and electronic devices and you will notice an instant difference.


Stop hiding from the sun! Not only will it give you the perfect tan, but also the sun will provide your body with energy, enhance your immune system as well as your appetite. You don’t need to hit the beach though, get some morning sunlight and draw your curtains once you get out of bed.

3. Walk More 

Instead of heavily relying on a car for transportation. Why not break this habit? Try parking away from your house or work and have a minimum of 25 minutes walk everyday. Let your feet do some walking and stick to this routine!

4. Pamper Yourself

Change your daily routine and think outside the box! Interrupt your daily routine and go for a spa treatment, change your hair color or even learn a new language. You can also take a day off from work and go chill by the pool or see some old friends. This can change your mood for an entire week!

5. Eat Happy Food!

Yes, you read it correctly. Food can make you happy and boost your mood as well as your metabolism. Walnuts for example contain the richest natural sources that makes you calm and relaxed. Adding food rich with omega-3 and fatty acids to your weekly routine like salmon and tuna, will greatly contribute in fighting depression. No! We didn’t forget about chocolate indeed. I can’t begin to describe the happiness and fluffiness that chocolate adds to my life! Dark chocolate has the ability to instantly boost your concentration as it improves the blood-flow to your brain!